Geology of Ciletuh Area, Sukabumi: Characteristics, Uniqueness and Implications

View Teluk Ciletuh
Photo: Ron Agusta

View Teluk Ciletuh Photo: Ron Agusta

Mega F. Rosana; Undang Mardiana; Ildrem Syafri; Nana Sulaksana; and Iyan Haryanto

Universitas Padjadjaran

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Ciletuh area, Sukabumi Regency is geologically an typically area, unique and rare, because the oldest rocks exposed (Pre-Tertiary) in West java. The rocks are divided into groups ofiolit (peridotite, gabbro, basalt), metamorphic (schist, phyllite, gneiss, serpentinite), deep sea sediments (shale, chert), and continental sediment (graywacke sandstone, limestone, polymic breccia). Its gemophology forming a horseshoe (amphitheater) toward the Indian Ocean. Outcrop its rocks show a distinctive appearance as a reflection of lithology and geomorphology. The Ciletuh area is a tectonic fossil showing two zone facilitation arranged by rocks comes from the oceanic plate and the continental plate two fragments of the earth’s very different crust formed due to the subduction (collision) of two plates. Because the uniqueness and dearth of the geological Ciletuh area can be used as a “Laboratory Geology ” in West Java. Currently, Ciletuh area is a Cikepuh-Citireum Wildlife Reserve and Nature Reserve Cibanteng on supervision of Balai Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam (BKSDA) Regional I in West Java.

Development concept of Ciletuh area can be created in the “Geological Reserve Nature” format that can be developed as a natural laboratory for the field of specific study of geology, covering aspects geomorphology, stratigraphy, micropaleontology (Numulites), structural geology, sedimentology, petrology and geotechonics. It can also be used for the field of biological sciences, especially the study of flora, fauna and coral reefs. As well as development tourism special interest geowisata. The need for a institute or agency that manages Ciletuh Geological Reserve area is specifically synchronized various usage interests and subsequent development, in order foster care for geological sites and other related things conservation.

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