Slope Stabilization Through Terrace in Cimarinjung – Puncak Darma Area, Ciletuh, Sukabumi, West Java

Slope profile Cimarinjung - Puncak Darma (Brilyan, 2016)

Slope profile Cimarinjung - Puncak Darma (Brilyan, 2016)

Brilyan Muhamad Agusta

Universitas Padjadjaran

Email: [email protected]



Each region certainly has the potential to be developed by means of development planning. A good regional development plan must have covered the potential and constraints of the region. Through a good and proper study will be achieved according to the intended purpose. Obstacles in the research area in Cimarinjung – Peak Darma Ciletuh, Sukabumi is prone to mass movement (landslide). One type of disaster area prone to mass movement needs special attention to be studied and researched. Thus, efforts are made to improve the stable or critical stability of the slope to be stable and not at risk for the occurrence of avalanches. One avoided avalanche effort is by stable slope engineering seen from geotechnical parameters as a reference.

To find out the design plan and the value of the factory of safety need to use the software Rocscience Slide V6.009, assistance and do the slope load trimming so that the value of FS can be achieved and to know the effect of the earthquake on FS. The FS value calculation uses the Bishop method. In the first material the unit weight is 17.15 kN/𝑚3, cohesion 37 kN/𝑚2, Phi is 14˚. On the second material The unit weight is 19 kN/𝑚3, cohesion 149.95 kN/𝑚2, Phi is 52.86˚. Condition of natural slope design with FS is 1,017 and given seismic load with seismic coefficient value of 0.539 result for stable slope recommendation is slope design with six terracing value of FS 2,363 after being given stable earthquake load with value of FS 1.278.

Keywords: Cimarinjung, Puncak Darma, Ciletuh, landslide, mass movement, factory of safety, slope stability design, earthquake

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