Tectonostratigraphy Ciletuh and Surroundings Area, Ciemas District, Sukabumi City, West Java

Thrust fault pamidangan (Nugraha, 2015)

Thrust fault pamidangan (Nugraha, 2015)

Nugraha Ardiansyah

Universitas Padjadjaran

Email: [email protected]



study uses field mapping methode, a located in Sukabumi, West Java of 100 km2 areas. Analysis of field data indicates that the geological structures that develop on areas of research that anticline, syncline, joint, and fault. Tectonic evolution of the study area begins at subduction Cretaceous to Early Tertiary subduction.

In Cretaceous units of peridotite and basalt lava formed on the oceanic plate. Oceanic plate and continental plate continues to move up to collide and form a metamorphic unit at time same. In Paleocene, research areas experiencing extensional tectonics of North – South which resulted in the study area has decreased and depositing breccia polymic unit in the deep marine environment in the Middle Eocene. Towards the Late Eocene research area decreased sea levels and depositing the sandstone unit aligned above the breccia polymic unit ini deltaic environment. In Oligocene, research areas experiencing trending compressional tectonic Southwestern – Northeast wich form folds and fault thrusts on a sandstone unit. In Pliocene – Pleistocene, compressional tectonic change direction into the Northwest – Southeast and formed a strike-slip faults in the study area.


Keywords: Ciletuh, melange, tectonic evolution

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